The secret to Jason Witten's success

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. has a column this week that leads with a good nugget on Cowboys Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten. This is an ESPN Insider story, but I'll share a snippet with you:

"Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten has been terrific since Jason Garrett has taken over as head coach," writes Williamson. "The Cowboys are using a lot more heavy run-oriented personnel and have featured Witten more as a receiver. This is especially true in light of their wide receiver injuries, but it is just another testament to Witten's value and versatility. He remains a great blocker for the run game and in pass protection. And his feel for running routes and getting open is second to none. He is sure-handed and quick to get upfield after the catch."

I also think Witten's success has a lot to do with quarterback Jon Kitna. They've developed tremendous chemistry and Kitna has a good feel for how to give Witten opportunities to run after the catch.