Cowboys preparing for Michael Vick

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid hasn't declared a starting quarterback for Sunday's regular-season finale against the Dallas Cowboys, but it seems like Kevin Kolb might be a safe bet. The Eagles will get back to work today in preparation for the Cowboys and probably have a harder practice than usual Friday. Dallas interim coach Jason Garrett, a Princeton graduate, explained his approach to local reporters Wednesday.

"The rule is you prepare for the system,” Garrett said. “But certainly these two quarterbacks are different in their implementations of the system. They’re both good players."

Michael Vick has a much better chance to hurt you with his legs, but it's not like Kolb's a sitting duck. He moves well in the pocket and he can be a very accurate passer. I think Reid would be foolish to play Vick in this game -- especially since he has the thigh bruise. Cowboys players have said this week that they're preparing for Vick, but it's probably time to break out the Kolb film.

And by the way, I'll have an Eagles-related column this afternoon at about 2 p.m. ET if anyone's interested.