Did Reid make the smartest move of 2010?

ESPN.com's Jeff Chadiha wrote a column Wednesday on the "smartest" and "dumbest" NFL moves of 2010. Not surprisingly, the smartest move belonged to Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.

"You'll never convince me that Reid didn't bungle the handling of this situation -- he abandoned his quarterback of the future, Kevin Kolb, for a player who clearly should have been competing for the job throughout the offseason -- but results are results," writes Chadiha. "Vick has energized a team that was supposed to be redefining itself with the losses of Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. He has led Philadelphia to the NFC East title while finally realizing all the potential that most people have seen in him throughout his career."

You'll never guess who showed up in the "dumbest" category. Or maybe it's pretty obvious:

"Let's just say that it's rare to see what could have been a great relationship dissolve so quickly," writes Chadiha of Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb in Washington. "This wasn't Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman we're talking about here. This was a quarterback guru and a Pro Bowl quarterback in a town that has been dying for some consistency under center. Nobody ever could have predicted this combination producing as much controversy as it ultimately did."

Chadiha's No. 1 dumbest move of 2010 was the return of Brett Favre.