Jerry Jones is fast-tracking a decision

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the club's flagship station, KRLD-FM, that he might name a head coach as soon as today. Jones was expected to interview wide receivers coach Ray Sherman on Tuesday before making a decision. It's widely believed that Jason Garrett will become the permanent head coach after leading the Cowboys to a 5-3 record in the second half of the season.

"We had a real busy day [Monday] in that regard and we'll have another busy one [Tuesday]," said Jones. "[We spent] quite a bit of time on the matter last night regarding coach and coaching staff, [and] interviews that are NFL required in the NFL. We'll be moving at a real fast pace."

Interviewing Sherman would satisfy the NFL's Rooney Rule, which was put in place to make sure that minorities were considered during coach searches. We all know that Garrett's getting this job. Now it's just a matter of timing. Jones was asked if Garrett had been contacted by any other teams looking for a head coach.

"I'm not going to get into that one way or the other," Jones said. "And again it's just because it has to do ... you might even say competition between clubs if you wanted to.

"Our rules in the NFL, if we want to talk to somebody ... Jason, of course, does have a contract for next year with the Dallas Cowboys for right now. Just to talk to anybody that is with another club, there is a form and a procedure that you have to go [through], and I visit directly with the owners of the team and usually visit with the general manager if they're different."

But it's pretty evident that Jones is fast-tracking this process out of fear that another team might swoop in and hire Garrett. We'll continue to track this situation throughout the day.