Vick could get Wildcat reps, says Reid

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

During his daily news conference Tuesday, Eagles coach Andy Reid said he wouldn't be opposed to using quarterback Michael Vick in the Wildcat formation in Thursday's highly anticipated preseason game against the Jaguars. The one thing Reid said for sure is that Vick won't play in the fourth quarter, which means he doesn't want to put him behind second and third-team offensive linemen.

"I've just got to see how it works out," Reid told reporters earlier today. "I think he's worked himself into good enough shape to where he can function in there and do okay. And then I've just got to see... it's been two years since he's been in there, so just like you've got to see, I've got to see. If he's okay with the speed of it then we can give him a couple snaps. If not, we'll back him off and get him back to practice and work there."

That was Reid's response to a Wildcat question, although it sounds like he was speaking in general terms. He did say that he wouldn't mind running a couple plays out of the Wildcat formation in the game. My best guess is that McNabb will play a half and maybe a series into the third quarter. He'll be followed by Vick (fresh linemen) for a series or two and then Kevin Kolb will have mop-up duty. This doesn't necessarily mean Vick's already leap-frogged Kolb on the depth chart, although that will happen soon enough.

This will obviously be the first time that many of us have looked forward to the second half of a preseason game.