Burress says he was 'accountable' for mistake

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I'm sure all of you are home watching ESPN's E:60 as we speak, but I wanted you guys to have a transcript of Jeremy Schaap's interview with Plaxico Burress. The former Giants wide receiver expressed remorse for his actions on that fateful night last November, but he certainly doesn't think the punishment fits the crime. Schaap asked Burress whether a non-celebrity (John Smith) would've received two years in prison.

"I don't think nobody ever would have heard about it," Burress said of Schaap's hypothetical question. "That's the difference between a John Smith and myself. I was being, I was being responsible and accountable, you know, for what happened. I went to the hospital; I turned the weapon over to the police; I turned myself in. I was taking, I was taking, you know, charge for what I did, you know, I was being accountable. And I thought that me doing the right thing was, you know, was right. It turned out to be what it is today."

OK, is anyone else confused by that answer? Should Burress' trip to the hospital have been a mitigating factor in the case? I don't think so. Especially since there was an attempt to check him in under a fake name. Burress' biggest issue with the Giants was his lack of accountability. I've always been told the club tried many times to help him become a more mature guy off the field.

He rarely listened, and that's why all this talk of accountability is falling on deaf ears.