Looking back at Sean McDermott

Jeff McLane of the Inquirer has a story this morning indicating Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was put on "watch" late in 2009. Eagles safety Quintin Mikell, a vocal supporter of McDermott's, told the Inquirer on Sunday that coach Andy Reid had become much more involved with the defense during the 2010 season and confirmed that players had complained about their roles.

"That's one of the things I have heard," said Mikell. "Everybody's a different type of player. There were schemes he put us in that had the simplest tasks and we messed up. And there were complex things that we did right."

The Inquirer report also indicated that one or two defensive starters suggested to Reid in their exit interviews that McDermott should be fired. But honestly, it's not like these players had a whole lot of ground to stand on. I'm sure Reid made this decision based on what he saw on film this season, not on what one of his players told him. When players give up 31 touchdown passes, I don't think they should have a huge say in the matter.

In fact, I would expect several more "exits" this offseason.