Giants GM: It's up to Eli to improve

Folks within the Giants organization are still trying to figure out why their veteran quarterback led the league with 25 interceptions this past season. Of course we know about the tipped passes and injured wide receivers, but general manager Jerry Reese made it clear Tuesday that it was up to Eli Manning to make the necessary changes.

"I think they have to come from within himself,” Reese told the YES Network. "When you have a seven-year veteran in the National Football League, you’ve won a Super Bowl, you’ve been the MVP of Super Bowl… I think he’s going to put the onus on him, and that’s where the onus is, it’s on him."

No mention of tipped balls in those comments. The message is pretty clear that a quarterback of Manning's stature has to do better. And unlike another team in the NFC East, the general manager isn't going to make alibis for his players. Pretty strong message from Reese. And something tells me that Manning will be a much more efficient quarterback next season.