Ex-Cowboys draftee to start in Super Bowl

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Erik Walden was selected by Dallas in the sixth round of the '08 draft, but he never got a chance to play at Cowboys Stadium. I've asked folks from the Cowboys why Walden didn't make the team, and quite honestly, they don't seem to remember that much about him.

And to be fair, Walden wasn't able to stick with the Kansas City Chiefs before a 17-game stint with the Miami Dolphins. Now, the former Middle Tennessee State star will start opposite Clay Matthews in the Super Bowl. He was asked Tuesday during media day if he recalled what the Cowboys told him when he turned in his playbook.

"I wasn’t there long enough," said Walden. "I just think going through that experience early in my career prepared me for it to happen later in my career, where I probably would have been more devastated. Going through it earlier helped me become a stronger person because they say if you’re not going through adversity, you’re not working toward it. I try and look at it like that and let it prepare me for the point where I’m at now."

So Jerry Jones and the Cowboys can take solace in knowing they made Walden a stronger person. But something tells me they'd prefer having him line up opposite DeMarcus Ware next season.