Cowboys running back situation

I think it's pretty safe to say that Marion Barber won't be on the Cowboys' roster next season, but I wouldn't bet my life on it with Jerry Jones being involved. Jones and Jason Garrett stood by Barber even as he humiliated them by violating dress and helmet codes.

Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com continues the Cowboys' position series today by looking at the running back situation. Here's an excerpt in case you don't have time to click on the link in the previous sentence:

"Even with Barber’s departure, running back isn’t a pressing need," writes MacMahon. "[Felix] Jones and [Tashard] Choice should be able to form a respectable tandem, especially if the Cowboys can address the issues on the offensive line. Maybe the Cowboys use a mid- to late-round pick on a back to challenge [Lonyae] Miller for the No. 3 role, but it’d be surprising if they invested heavily in this position this offseason."

MacMahon has the running back as a "2" on his famed "Need Meter," but I'd upgrade that to a "4." If Garrett's not going to show any faith in Choice, then the Cowboys better find another back to go along with Felix Jones. Jones and Garrett just don't seem to trust Choice. By the way, does Darren Sproles do anything for Cowboys fans as a free agent?

He and Felix Jones might be too much alike -- other than Sproles being about 10 times quicker. Please continue to read this series. Who knows what tomorrow might bring?