Will the Giants save a spot for Plax?

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese has been consistent in his answers regarding imprisoned wide receiver Plaxico Burress. He's never ruled out a reunion with the former Super Bowl hero. But in Saturday's edition of the Daily News, Ralph Vacchiano argued that Burress' return to the Giants would make little, if any, sense.

For starters, he thinks Burress' presence could be a progress stopper for young players such as Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks. But Ralph also thinks the constant questions about Burress' past could undermine the season.

"Someone familiar with Burress' thinking believes he prefers to avoid New York, to play in a warmer climate, and that his preference is to live near his offseason home in Miami," writes Vacchiano. "The person also says Burress knows he'd be better off far from the clutches of the New York media that remember every sordid detail of his Giants career. His past, were he to play elsewhere, is a short story. In New York, it would become a season-long theme."

Not sure you need a source to tell you that playing in another locale might provide for an easier transition. And I'd be surprised if a team such as the Dolphins made a play for Burress. They already have the mercurial Brandon Marshall on their roster. I assume that Burress would come back with a new attitude, but it's hard to forget his history of fines while playing for the Giants. He was not necessarily a bad teammate, but he was extremely immature about how he approached things off the field.

I think several Giants players still have a great deal of affection for Burress, but my guess is that, privately, most of them would agree that he'd be better off on someone else's roster.