Back to school T-shirts for Skins

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley I know this will disappoint my hardcore football audience, but this blog entry from Matt Terl of redskins.com fame was too good to pass up. As part of a pro-education campaign, the Redskins tracked down the T-shirts for the 61 colleges their players attended. Fullback Mike Sellers presented the biggest challenge because his Walla Walla (Wash.) Community College football program is no longer in existence. But a softball coach/trainer at the school was kind enough to design a WWCC football T-shirt and Sellers wore it proudly. "Do you know how long ago that was?" asked Sellers. "We were the only junior college in the state with a football team. You blink, you drove through the town." Chris Wilson's Northwood T-shirt was also tough to come by, but everything worked out. London Fletcher's alma mater, John Carroll, sent along a pink football T-shirt. Scroll down Terl's blog to see all the T-shirts. Thanks for indulging me. I thought that was a fun item.