Bulluck: 'My hopes were it would be settled'

Keith Bulluck doesn’t know where he will be playing football next season.

For now, the Giants linebacker, whose contract is up, hopes there is football to be played soon.

“My hopes were that it would be settled,” Bulluck said on "SportsCenter" shortly after the NFL Players Association filed for decertification, ending negotiations with the NFL for now. “I was just hoping that it would be settled so football can go on as normal.”

Bulluck said he understands why the players association decertified.

“I think that it was a step by the union to kind of show that we mean business,” Bulluck said. “The mediation and negotiation had been going on for quite some time and they’ve been looming over the past several months. I think that’s the first step to show that we are not being treated fairly and we need to make action to maybe get our point across.”

Where things go from here gets a lot more complicated now that the NFLPA has effectively disbanded the union, allowing it the opportunity to sue under antitrust laws if there is a lockout.

“To be honest, I really don’t know,” Bulluck said when asked about what he knows when the issue moves to court. “I think that a lot of us as players were kind of just getting the information as it comes because right now we are not really around our facilities, we are not around our players’ reps.”

“We are not really in the middle of it,” he added. “The players that are really in the middle of it and understand are the reps that are in Washington DC around everything that is going on. They have all the information and I am sure they are still getting it and will try to get it to everyone else as soon as possible.”

Bulluck has repeatedly said that he would like to return to the Giants. He was able to return to the field from ACL surgery last season but he never fully regained his old form.

“Everywhere you go, fans, they know you are a football player, ask you what is going on,” Bulluck said. “And you don’t have much information to tell them but for the fans, for the rookies, for the second, third-year guys that are trying to learn the system and be a part of this great league and go out there and make plays and become superstars, I think that hurts them the most, definitely for sure.”