Scouts Inc.: NFC East team profiles, needs

Scouts Inc. took a look at the NFC East heading toward the 2011 season (whenever it arrives), examining the decision-makers and the offensive and defensive philosophiesInsider for each team, as well as breaking down their most pressing needsInsider.

Click on the links to read the full stories, but here are the No. 1 needs for each team:

Cowboys -- Offensive tackle: There is a lot of age and not enough talent at this position, with the biggest need at right tackle. Marc Colombo can't protect the edge and right guard Leonard Davis is in the same boat. Left tackle Doug Free has a chance as a better run blocker than pass protector, and if they found a LT he could move back to the right side.

Giants -- Outside linebacker: Mathias Kiwanuka is talented, coming off an injury and Keith Bulluck is a 12th-year warrior; both are free agents. Michael Boley provides decent production but youth and athleticism is needed here. This position needs at least one new starter, one who can be an impact player.

Eagles -- Cornerback: This is a defense that has always relied on man schemes behind their blitzes and right now they don't have the players to get it done (outside of Asante Samuel). Ellis Hobbs has retired and starter Dimitri Patterson gives up too many big plays and is a free agent who will not likely be back. A starter and a developmental nickel guy are needed.

Redskins --Quarterback: What we do know is that the Redskins' QB of the future is not on this current roster. What we don't know is whether they go young and grow with a rookie or use a quick-fix approach with a veteran in free agency? Without Donovan McNabb this offense is in trouble, unless the coaches believe that Rex Grossman can be a caretaker for a year or two.