Breakfast links with the new guy

All right, everybody. I am Dan. I am new. I am thrilled to be here. If you've been reading this blog since Matt Mosley left it, I'm sure you've been wondering when someone would be coming to take it over full-time, and today's the day. Please, save all applause until the end.

Briefly: I used to be a baseball writer for newspapers in Florida and New Jersey. I covered the NFL for the past two years for AOL FanHouse (R.I.P.). I live in North Jersey, grew up in South Jersey and went to school in Washington. So I've lived among Giants fans, Eagles fans and Redskins fans (and Cowboys fans, come to think of it, because you're everywhere). But I swear I neither hate nor favor any of your teams, and I trust you will keep this in mind for at least a couple of hours before allowing yourselves to wonder otherwise.

Anyway, that's enough about me. This blog is about you, and about all of us having some fun together. We'll be talking plenty, whether here or on Twitter. Meantime, some lockout links to start the day:

Dallas Cowboys

In his mailbag, Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Cowboys' secondary issues may come down to the ability of new D coordinator Rob Ryan getting the current players to play better, not who they can get in free agency. I guess, but you still have to figure Jerry Jones has been doodling Nnamdi Asomugha's name on his Trapper Keeper during some of the slower CBA talks, no?

Rob Phillips looks at whether 2010 draft pick Akwasi Owusu-Ansah could help at safety this year.

New York Giants

Chris Canty thinks the 2011 season will start on time. Full disclosure: Canty is not a legal analyst.

Amid speculation that his knee won't be healthy in time to handle Canty's prediction, Giants WR Steve Smith is using his Facebook page to offer optimism.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid believes the lockout will hurt the on-field product this fall.

Meantime, Reid and his coaches did some coaching ... of Philly-area high school players. Funny quote in here about how Reid doesn't want players going too far if they take vacations, in case the lockout ends and they have to get back to camp quickly. "You don't want to be taking camel rides through the Sahara desert." Would love to know which of Reid's players have done that.

Washington Redskins

If Mike Shanahan's professed plan to start John Beck at QB is a smokescreen, Beck doesn't care. He's fired up.

Redskins players are organizing more workouts this week. I'm assuming the conditioning tests at the player-organized workouts aren't quite the media event they were in Ashburn last summer, but who knows?