Little help? Best defensive players

Folks, we're going to do another power rankings next week, and this time we're ranking the best defensive players in the league. I have sent in my top 10, but Mike Sando assures me I still have time to change it before it becomes a part of the internet forever. So without giving away my list, and in a likely futile effort to numb your inevitable outrage, I'll tell you that our little division here... isn't well represented on my list.

Now, as you know if you listen to and believe me, I have no bias for or against anyone. Just going on what I've seen covering the league for the past couple of years. But I want to hear from you, dear readers. I'd like to hear you make your case for your favorite defensive player and why he belongs in the league's top 10. If you convince me, I'll call Sando and yell "Stop the presses!" or whatever the internet equivalent of that is. And I'll make sure to give you credit.

So please, fire away, either here or in the mailbag. I have mentioned the mailbag, right? It's here. Use it. Live it. Love it.

Thanks. Back later with something on the Eagles. And probably something on the Giants, after Tom Coughlin talks to NFL Live at 4 p.m. ET. Maybe he can sell me on Justin Tuck, I don't know.