NFC East needs Twitter lessons

As I've mentioned before, our AFC South blogger, Paul Kuharsky, is from New Jersey and therefore exceptionally intelligent. His mind, honed in the intellectual fires of the Garden State, is teeming with excellent off-season NFL blog ideas. To that end, today he brings us something called the "NFL Twindex," which is a rundown of the Twitter activity of NFL players and other NFL personnel.

Paul includes a ranking of the Top 10 Twitterers (Tweeters? Twits?) in the league, and he says this poll will show up every two weeks in the offseason and every week in the season.

Our division is not represented! The only appearance by anyone from the NFC East is a mention of @DeSeanJackson10 in a winning tweet from this week's No. 1, the Chargers' @ShaunPhillips95.

Obviously, from my @ESPN_NFCEast account, I follow many NFC East players and personnel, but right now I can't think of any that jump out as an obvious omission from the poll. Maybe NFC East players need to tweet better. Maybe I'm following the wrong ones. But while Kuharsky's on the topic, I thought I'd ask you guys and see who from the division floats your particular Twitter boat. Make some suggestions, and if they're good I'll forward them along to Paul and see if we can get this division some better representation in the poll two weeks from now.