Cowboys' thinking safety first?

Blogging the Boys has a thoughtful analysis of the Cowboys' safety situation, which I think might be the most important part of their offseason now that they spent their first-round pick on a tackle. Dallas will continue, justifiably, to figure into the Nnamdi Asomugha speculation, and they might well sign him. But safety is a more pressing concern than cornerback, and if they do find themselves in a position to prioritize one over the other, I believe they should and probably will fix safety first.

Dave Halprin believes, per the above-highlighted link, that the best course of action is to move Alan Ball back into his backup cornerback role, re-sign Gerald Sensabaugh and pursue a free agent safety such as Oakland's Michael Huff, Philadelphia's Quintin Mikell, Cleveland's Abram Elam or San Diego's Eric Weddle. The field of available safeties looks fairly crowded, and Dave makes the point that re-signing Sensabaugh would help widen the field of safety targets for the Cowboys because Sensabaugh can play either free or strong safety. Bringing him back would mean they wouldn't have to look specifically for one or the other and could sign (a) the player they like the best (b) at the price they want, leaving funds available for other pursuits such as Nnamdi.

This is vital stuff for the Cowboys if they intend to return to their 2009 levels on defense. They were wretched defensively in 2010 and, without oversimplifying, they need to bring in some people who can make some stops. Sure, they still need to address needs on both lines, but building from the back forward on defense isn't a bad strategy for a team that let people go down the field at will on them for much of last season. As exciting and helpful as Asomugha would be, I don't get the sense that Cowboys fans would be too disappointed if the first thing the team did after the lockout was sign a safety.