New York Giants wrap up workouts

Looks as if Giants 101 joined the crew of media who went out to cover the Giants' workouts at Bergen Catholic this week, and they have a couple of reports so far, including this one on rehabbing receivers and this one on comments by Shaun O'Hara on the workouts and the labor situation.

"The business side of the league is never pretty for the players and it's never pretty for the fans. This is the ultimate manifestation of that," O'Hara said. "There's no more respected an owner than John Mara. What the players love about him is that he's not in it for the business, he's in it for the game. The problem is that there are 31 other guys who all have to agree on the same thing."

That is, of course, the problem, but the recent round of talks between players and owners indicate there's been some thawing on that and a number of other fronts, so maybe things are moving the right way. O'Hara said he didn't know anything about any progress that was made this week, and that the team has talked about getting together again later in the summer if the lockout lingers.

What's good about the Giants getting together this week, from a fan's perspective, is that it will stop the nonsense that was being thrown around about the lack of team workouts reflecting poorly on Eli Manning as a leader. I don't think we can draw any real conclusions about anything based on which teams are working out and which aren't and who's attending how many workouts, etc. And even if we could -- even if there were some predictive 2011 regular-season value in any of this -- I certainly don't think the fact that the Giants weren't among the first teams to organize player workouts or that maybe they haven't had as many as other teams have reflects on Manning's ability to motivate and organize his teammates. But people are going to think what they think, and on Eli the thinking is very often unjustifiably negative. This week may or may not have accomplished anything real for the Giants, but it gives people one less thing about which to rip poor Eli.