Chat wrap: Redskins getting younger

We chatted. We had a blast. We took questions from people in France. If you missed it, you're kicking yourself. If you were there, you're dying to relive it. Either way, I have you covered with some highlights:

Zack from NYC thinks not enough attention is being paid to the Redskins' youth movement: "Instead of Portis/Slow Willie/Larry Johnson we are going in with Helu/Torain/Royster/K Williams. On the WR side we replaced 55 year old Joey Galloway with a potential stud in rookie Hankerson. Kerrigan substiutes in for 30+ yr old Andre Carter. Not to mention adding OJ Atogwe to the back line. Am I delusional to start to feel good about the redskins for the first time in years?"

Dan Graziano: You're not 'delusional,' per se, and your assessment of the greening of the Redskins' roster is right on. But you have to remember that they're in the middle (actually, the early stages) of a rebuilding project there. And with their quarterback situation such a mess, it's hard to project real success for the Redskins in 2011.

Kujonicus, playing off Monday's highly charged Giants offensive line debate, asked which position on the Giants' O-line I'd pick to upgrade, if I had to choose one:

DG: I think Diehl is the guy who's slowed down the most, relative to what he was, and I think LT is where they'll need to upgrade the soonest. It's possible they think Will Beatty can do it, but I'm not sure he's shown that yet.

John from Tokyo and Craig from Boise asked similar questions about the Cowboys' plans for the interior offensive line positions. John was upset that they passed on Ben Ijalana in the draft, and Craig wanted to know if they had a plan for a replacement if they end up releasing Leonard Davis.

DG: The feeling seems to be that the Cowboys will bring back Kyle Kosier, possibly unload Davis and move Montrae Holland into a starting guard role. There is a lot of talent on the free-agent guard market, especially if the UFA rules go back to the way they used to be. But I'd be surprised if that's a place where Dallas allocated major resources. They might kick the tires, but the FA guards are going to be pricey, and the Cowboys have money to spend at safety and cornerback still.

Corey from D.C. asked if I "think the Eagles will be more patient this season on offense, at least early in the season, by using McCoy more both running and on screens, moving the chains more efficiently via small-ball, which in turn will not only drive defenses crazy but also (and much more importantly) preserve Vick's health as much as possible?"

DG: No, Corey. I do not. I think they live for the big play in Philly. I think they know they have the kinds of players who can consistently deliver the big play. And I think they'll lean heavily on Vick, Jackson, Maclin and McCoy to make as many of those big plays as possible.

And our old friend st8prop from Atlanta asked: "Which losing streak do you see ending this upcoming season? Giants' 6 game losing streak against the Eagles or Redskins' 6 game losing streak against the Giants?"

DG: I think the Giants are more likely to beat the Eagles than the Redskins are to beat the Giants, because I believe the Giants will be a good team and the Redskins will not.

But that's just tip-of-iceberg stuff, folks. You really need to hit that link and go read back the chat transcript for the full experience. We even took fantasy questions, and I'm not just talking about the guy who asked if the Redskins could get David Garrard for Albert Haynesworth!