Chat wrap: Nnamdi fit for Eagles?


Our weekly chat was affected but not eliminated by the technical issues that plagued our site Tuesday. We still managed an hour of questions and answers, and some of them came out all right. Here are some highlights.

Mike from Statesboro, Ga. wondered if signing free-agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha would hurt the Eagles' chances of effectively addressing their other defensive needs, including defensive end: "Basically, do you think the Birds are putting all their eggs into Nnamdi's basket?"

Dan Graziano: "No, but I think they would do better to sign Nnamdi and get a second-line guy for defensive end than to sign the best DE and get a second-line CB. For instance, if you can get Nnamdi and, say, Andre Carter, isn't that better than spending a bunch of money on Jason Babin and having to settle for a cornerback who's not as good as Nnamdi?"

Dan from Harrisburg, Pa. asked if I really believe "Dan Snyder would give Shanahan a whole year to toy around with Grossman and unproven Beck knowing the draft could be good next year or are they actually planning on going after somebody like Hasselbeck?"

DG: "This comes up a lot. I think, if the Redskins don't see a better long-term option than Beck right now, it makes sense to see what he can do knowing there are going to be better long-term options available in next year's draft. Now, some people say that means "tanking" the season for a good draft pick. That's not what I'm advocating, nor is it what I think the Redskins will do. But why commit resources (and maybe years) to Hasselbeck when you know you need a long-term answer and might need those resources to secure it in 2012?"

Ricky Ross from Scottsdale, Ariz. wanted to know if the Cowboys might bring in David Akers to push David Buehler for the kicker job, since he doesn't think Kris Brown is the answer either.

DG: "I think they brought in Brown to push Buehler, motivate him to be better. If that doesn't work, you may be right that they look for a better upgrade than Brown."

Ryne from Peekskill, NY wondered whether recent Giants draft picks Linval Joseph and Marvin Austin, both defensive tackles, will be "rocks in the middle or high round busts?"

DG: "It takes time to develop at that position in the NFL, so it's far too early to know. But I'll say that those guys are in a great position, playing as they do for a team that provides a good environment for growth and development of defensive linemen."

Thanks to all who hung with us through the technical difficulties. We'll be back next week and, as Mike & Mike say, better than ever.