Wake up and let's chat

Yeah, I know everybody's still shaking off the long weekend. I know you were up late watching fireworks. And I know (trust me) it was tough to get the kids out of bed this morning and off to camp. But by noon ET you should be caught up, and that means you should be ready for our weekly chat. I have a feeling it's going to be absolutely epic.

Trying something new this week. In an attempt to head off some of our more commonly asked chat questions, I will answer them here:

1. No, I do not think this is Tony Romo's last year in Dallas if the Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl.

2. No, I do not think this is Andy Reid's last year in Philadelphia if the Eagles don't win the Super Bowl.

3. No, I do not think this is Mike Shanahan's last year in Washington if the Redskins have a bad year.

4. No, I do not know why Eli Manning gets so little credit for being a good player.

5. The league has not decided what the 2012 draft order will be if there is no 2011 season.

If you have anything else you'd like to ask, please ... fire away at noon.