Breakfast links -- Boys should stay in Irving

It's Friday, folks, and that means you can expect your normal Friday goodies -- Fired-Up Friday debate, a video mailbag, and the latest NFC East entry in our "Dream Team of Tomorrow" project. I may not be around all day to mix it up with y'all in the comments (as I'm trying to sneak in a day or two off before the lockout ends and those become unattainable), but I won't leave you hanging on content. I'd never do that to you. You want proof? Here, right on time, are your links:

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins texted me Thursday morning to complain that I hadn't linked to him in the Breakfast Links. I pointed out that I had, in fact, done so on each of the previous two days, but Calvin was inconsolable. So, since I can't stand to see a grown man cry, here's Calvin's call for the Cowboys to scrap San Antonio and hold their training camp at home in Irving, Texas. He makes a good case, but that would represent a dramatic change in plans for a team that usually likes to hold its training camp in more than one time zone.

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers of the Packers refused to sign a Dallas Cowboys hat that an autograph-seeking fan handed him at this charity golf tournament that he and Tony Romo and a bunch of other celebrities are playing in. It's okay, though, because the Packers fan who was interviewed about it said it was.

New York Giants

Da'Rel Scott, the running back the Giants took in the seventh round, couldn't tell LaDainian Tomlinson that he was his favorite player as a kid. But he told Mike Garafolo, who spoke to Scott about what it was like to work out with Tomlinson this summer.

John Brennan of The Record took a look at which Giants fans are making out well and which fans aren't when they go to re-sell their personal seat licenses. The answer: Depends on where the seats are located. Interesting look at an issue that's caught a lot of people's attention in this area over the past couple of years.

Philadelphia Eagles

Been lots of talk about how the lockout will affect the rookies who haven't been able to spend any time working out with their coaches or teammates. But Les Bowen looks at the ways in which all this time off will affect second-year guys, such as Eagles linebacker Jamar Chaney and backup quarterback Mike Kafka, who are expecting this to be a big step-forward season. From Chaney: "Usually by the time training camp comes around, you pretty much already know the defense." But not this year, Jamar. Not this year.

The Eagles' team site recently took a look at the safety position, mentioning rookie Jaiquawn Jarrett, Kurt Coleman and the oft-forgotten Marlin Jackson as possible starters opposite Nate Allen. Assuming, of course, as they do not, that Allen is healthy. It seems as if the Eagles think they have enough coverage at the position that they can get away with releasing Quintin Mikell and not making this a free-agent priority. But maybe we'll see soon.

Washington Redskins

Nice job by BurgundyBlog.com getting Redskins first-round pick Ryan Kerrigan to sit for an interview, though I must admit I don't remember any journalism classes in which we were told it was OK to tell your interview subject you were about to urinate in your pants. Seriously, Kerrigan plays along and BB draws out some nice stuff about the transition from 4-3 defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker as well as Kerrigan's technique for forcing fumbles. Good stuff for Redskins fans to chew on as they continue to await the end of the lockout.

Former Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell weighed in recently on the current quarterback controversy in Washington, saying Donovan McNabb has acted like a pro by keeping his opinions to himself and adding, "Truth be told, I'm glad I wasn't put in that kind of situation."

Happy Friday, everybody. That's the news and I am out of here.