Breakfast links: Watch 'First Take'

Yeah, shameless self-promotion time. I'll be on "First Take" on ESPN2 each of the next two mornings, debating Skip Bayless on First and Ten. Show airs from 10 am to noon ET on Monday and Tuesday, and I have a stellar suit-and-tie combo picked out for today so none of you fashion critics who like to rip my wardrobe on the video mailbags can say anything. You'll just have to sit there and admire.

Meantime, though, you know I'm not going to forget the links.

Dallas Cowboys

Yeah, Tony Romo made it interesting, but he lost to Jack Wagner on the final hole of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. I love doing Romo golf updates because they make everybody crazy. Non-Cowboys fans don't like Romo, and Cowboys fans don't like that he spends so much time on golf. And you know me. I like to needle as many people as I can.

Expect a lot of this stuff this week: Tom Orsborn takes a look at what the Cowboys will need to do once the lockout ends and free agency begins. That's about to happen, folks, in case you haven't been following Adam and Mort.

New York Giants

Can you imagine if Osi Umenyiora really held up the whole collective bargaining agreement negotiation because he's unhappy with his contract with the Giants? Who'd want him on their team? Who'd want to play with him. He'd be the most hated man in the NFL until the day he retired. I can see the point, technically, that he signed on to a lawsuit because of this one personal issue. But can you imagine if the whole deal was done but couldn't get settled because Osi's mad at Jerry Reese? I mean, can you imagine???

Serena Sanderson is expressing a point of view popular among Giants fans -- that the offensive line is, in fact, very old, but that it doesn't matter. OK then. If you guys say so.

Philadelphia Eagles

For months we've heard the Eagles will be aggressive in free agency once it starts. Jonathan Tamari says to hold on a minute there, and explains that going crazy on the free-agent market isn't really the way the Eagles do things. He also points out that: "Any Eagles spending in the next few weeks will be done with the knowledge that Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson are each out of contract after the season, and LeSean McCoy's deal expires after 2012." And that is all true. But I will say this, because another thing I really like to do is play devil's advocate: This is the Eagles' go-for-it season. They may well decide to make 2011 moves that play a little bit fast and loose with future seasons, if they really believe they're close enough that one or two big additions will put them over the top. Not saying they will, just that they could -- and that all the noise they've made about their big, aggressive plans might reflect that. One thing we all have in common is we can't wait to find out.

You want me to get you excited, Eagles fans? Click on this link, and when you're done giggling, come on back. Yeah, that's right. Those are pictures of an NFL training camp being set up.

Washington Redskins

Truth here, from Jason Reid, about Dan Snyder and the Redskins' shady boasts about their season-ticket waiting list. I understand supply and demand, and why you'd want to maintain the illusion of scare supply to maintain high demand. I get it. But misleading your customers is bad, especially when you're dealing with some of the most loyal customers in your business. At this point, nobody's fooling anybody anymore.

Mike Jones did a chat over the weekend at The Washington Post, and there's a good bit of information in it. Scroll down to where he's asked who are the first three outside free-agent signings the Skins will make, and he seems to predict Cullen Jenkins, Aubrayo Franklin and Marshal Yanda. Gotta say, that would be a pretty impressive haul. I'm sticking with my prediction that Yanda stays in Baltimore, but if they can get Jenkins and Franklin for the D-line? That defense starts to look a lot better.