John Beck is over-eager

We knew NFL players were eager to get back to work, but John Beck, the Redskins' presumptive starting quarterback, might have taken it to the highest level. According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, Beck headed over to Redskins Park a few minutes after Roger Goodell announced that the lockout was over. A security guard (who didn't recognize him, Jones writes) turned him away, telling him players weren't allowed to report until Tuesday morning.

“I’m OK with that,” Beck said of not being recognized when reached this afternoon. “I haven’t done anything yet.”

Beck hadn’t received official word on the start of training camp, but some teammates had told him that they are scheduled to check in on Wednesday, and then the first practice will take place Thursday.

I don't have official word from the Redskins yet. I have received releases from the Eagles and Cowboys saying they'll open camp Wednesday, and according to the official calendar the league released, the Giants' camp is scheduled to open Friday and the Redskins' camp Thursday. I presume that Beck will be there, in full uniform, ready to greet his teammates as they arrive.

Got to give the guy points for enthusiasm. I assume that most of us, if we were told we had a real chance to be a starting quarterback for an NFL team, would be just as fired up as Beck is. We'll see what happens in camp between him and Rex Grossman, and whether the Redskins bring in anyone else for the competition. But if you can get bonus points for being rarin' to go, Beck is squarely in the lead.