We have not yet begun to chat

July, 26, 2011
If you thought our weekly chats were epic during the lockout ... well, you were right, of course. But the lockout's over now, and I think that means we are on the verge of truly unlocking and learning the awesome power of the NFC East chat. I believe the chats, post-lockout, will be beyond anything we've yet imagined. I don't see one good reason any of you shouldn't completely ignore all of your work and/or school responsibilities between noon and 1 p.m. ET today and join in the latest version. I'll be absolutely astounded if it's not life-changing enough to justify that decision.

Sorry. Having just read that paragraph over, it seems I may be guilty of engaging in over-the-top post-lockout NFL hype. Felt kind of good, to be honest with you. I can see why so many do it.

Anyway, we really are chatting at noon and I'd love to have you there. Thanks.

Dan Graziano

ESPN New York Giants reporter



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