Your afternoon Kevin Kolb update

It's 4:50 p.m. Do you know where Kevin Kolb is?

Well, he apparently didn't show up at Eagles camp today. And he isn't an Arizona Cardinal yet either. So what's up? What are we hearing? What's the latest on the deal that was supposed to have sent Kolb from Philly to Arizona in the opening seconds of the trading season?

It didn't happen that quickly, obviously, but there were discussions today. The Eagles spoke with the Cardinals as well as the Seattle Seahawks, and were asking for a lot in return. (As we have discussed, they do not think they should trade him unless they get a lot in return, because he has value to them as Michael Vick's backup.)

But within the past hour or so, it has come out that the Seahawks will be signing former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and bidding farewell to Matt Hasselbeck. Presumably, there'd be no reason for Seattle to acquire both Jackson and Kolb, and signing Jackson takes them out of the Kolb market. This is unwelcome news for the Eagles, whose leverage would have been maximized by the ability to play the Cardinals and Seahawks off each other the way the San Diego Chargers did last year when the prize was Charlie Whitehurst.

And while teams such as Miami and Cleveland still loom as potential dark-horse candidates in the Kolb sweepstakes, it would seem as though Arizona is the overwhelming favorite with Seattle out of the picture. The Cardinals, according to Kent Somers, are making it clear (presumably to the Eagles as well as to Somers) that they're keeping their options open. Somers reports that the Cardinals are talking to the Eagles about Kolb, to the Broncos about Kyle Orton and to free agents Hasselbeck and Marc Bulger.

Now, of that group, Kolb is the only one who makes sense as a potential long-term solution as opposed to a one- or two-year stopgap. So a lot of this could be posturing for leverage. But if the Eagles are asking for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a high draft pick, it may be that the Cardinals would prefer to go with the one-year stopgap and save their picks to draft a quarterback in April.

Again, if the Eagles don't get starting-quarterback value for Kolb, they have no reason to trade him. Vick is not signed beyond this season and there's no way to know if they can expect a repeat performance or a fully healthy season from him. Dealing Kolb only makes sense if they get a lot in return. If the Cardinals really aren't interested enough to pay the Eagles as though they're getting a starter, the chances are high that Kolb stays put, as unhappy as that might make him.

You know I'll do my very, very best to keep you posted.