Burress can't meet with Coughlin today

Plaxico Burress told Mike Garafolo on Tuesday night that he was looking forward to a face-to-face meeting with Giants coach Tom Coughlin today as the sides ponder a reunion in New York. But it turns out, according to the post-lockout transition rules on which teams and players are still getting up to speed, Burress can't have a face-to-face meeting with the Giants or any other team until Friday at the earliest. The league says teams can meet face-to-face with their own free agents, but that others can only talk by phone. No idea who came up with that rule, but there it is.

It's weird, but for me all of the Plaxico-to-the-Giants talk is weird. I can sort of see it from the Giants' end if they're very worried about Steve Smith's knee injury. But from Burress' standpoint, unless he's getting no interest at all from other teams, this flies in the face of the bridge-burning comments he made about Coughlin upon his release from prison last month. The fact that it's all become public enough that Burress is doing interviews about it is a red flag for me. Makes me wonder if Burress might be using the Giants. We know how badly he wants to play for the Eagles, and if you want to get the Eagles interested, there are few better ways than creating the appearance that the Giants are.

Of course, there's been no indication at all that the Eagles are interested in Burress, so it might be that he and the Giants are stuck with each other. Regardless, I expect another twist or two before this story reaches its conclusion.