Cowboys lose out as Weddle cashes in

Kevin Acee from the San Diego Union-Tribute reports that Eric Weddle's new deal with the Chargers is for five years and $40 million with $19 million guaranteed. The Cowboys tried on Weddle, who was the best safety on the market, but there was little chance he was going to leave San Diego. Especially once they offered, as Steelers safety Ryan Clark tweeted, "what (Troy) Polamalu and I got combined!"

The Cowboys still need to come up with two starting safeties on a market that just moved dramatically upward. You can bet Michael Huff, Abe Elam and all the other available safeties in whom the Cowboys have interest are watching what Weddle got (and the four-year, $27 million deal with $14 million guaranteed that Quintin Mikell got from the Rams) and planning to use it as a benchmark. Weddle was the best of the bunch, but those who aren't quite in his class will try to get as close to what he got as possible. Dallas is going to have to spend big if it wants a top safety, and real big if it loses Gerald Sensabaugh and decides it needs two.

Now I'm going to go work on a post about how the DeAngelo Williams signing in Carolina is going to hurt the Giants' chances of keeping Ahmad Bradshaw. It'll be just like this post, but with different names and numbers. So if you don't want to read a whole 'nother post, you can just turn this one into a Mad Libs kind of thing. Enjoy that.