Giants vs. Steelers for Plaxico Burress?

The Plaxico Burress situation continues to defy my powers of prediction or understanding. The latest, per Chris Mortensen, is that Burress will meet face-to-face with Tom Coughlin on Friday to address the mean things he said about him last month and then fly to Pittsburgh (or perhaps Latrobe -- not sure what the Steelers' schedule is) to meet with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

This could indicate that these two teams are showing strong interest in Burress, who played for both in the years before his arrest. Mort cites sources who tell him Burress is in line to make more than $10 million over two years with the Giants if he can make up with Coughlin.

But this could also indicate that Burress isn't getting the kind of interest he likes, and that two teams that have prior relationships with him are doing him the courtesy of meeting with him to at least make it look to other teams as if he has suitors.

I'm a skeptic by trade and by nature, so I want to believe that last thing. But I don't doubt Mort's reporting, and it does sound as if the Giants' interest is sincere. Perhaps they're worried enough about Steve Smith's knee that they see a need there. Surely, it's easy to imagine getting enough from Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham that Burress won't have to be over-taxed in his first season since his prison term ended.

But $10 million over two years? Is there really enough of a market for this guy to justify a number like that?

Again, it's beyond me.