Breakfast links: What's keeping Watkins

Up and at 'em, folks. Do you realize that, one week ago at this very moment, the lockout was still officially on? Yeah, been something of a crazy week. Good thing you've been getting your links.

Dallas Cowboys

If Terence Newman was upset about the Cowboys' efforts to get cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (which would have resulted in Newman being cut from the team), he's not admitting to it. "I'm here and he's in Philly," Newman said. And if he's telling the truth about how he feels, then new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan can cross smoothing over those hard feelings off his to-do list.

Jerry Jones said they could roll with two kickers. Jason Garrett kind of said they probably wouldn't. Charean Williams writes of the fight between David Buehler and Dan Bailey for the Cowboys' kicking job, which is more likely to shake out the way Garrett seems to think.

New York Giants

Ralph Vacchiano's sources tell him the Giants' offer to Plaxico Burress could have been higher than the $3.017 million he got from the Jets, but that it likely didn't include the same level of guarantee. In the end, the guarantee mattered, as did the fact that Burress really didn't want to play for Tom Coughlin and the Giants again.

Judy Battista writes of Giants owner John Mara's role in the labor talks. Lots of people are getting justifiable credit for calming down and getting together to solve that mess, but I do know from having talked to people on the players' side as far back as February and March that they felt better when Mara was in the room than when he wasn't. They said they felt he treated them with respect.

Philadelphia Eagles

Why hasn't first-round draft pick Danny Watkins signed yet? Well, Les Bowen surmises that it has to do with where he was picked. The No. 20 pick has signed for four guaranteed years. The No. 25 pick signed for three. Watkins, pick No. 23, wants the four years. Picks No. 21, 22 and 24 haven't signed either, and it appears the picks in that group would all rather get the fourth year than settle for just the three. We'll see. If Cleveland's Phil Taylor (No. 21) or Indianapolis' Anthony Castonzo (No. 22) signs for three years, Watkins is likely stuck. If the Saints' Cameron Jordan (No. 24) gets four, advantage Watkins.

In his introductory news conference, Asomugha said his choice wasn't nearly as difficult. He said he wanted the Eagles all along, and that things came together quickly once he learned they were a real possible destination. Ashley Fox thinks the Eagles' big offseason has something to do with players wanting to be a part of playing with the dynamic Michael Vick.

Washington Redskins

You may not, as a fan, be real thrilled about what the Redskins are up to as they persist in their rebuilding project. But Jammal Brown is buying what Mike Shanahan is selling, and he tells Mike Jones that's why he came back to be Washington's right tackle rather than seek a job as someone else's left tackle.

Jim Haslett talks to Rich Campbell about the second year of his installation of the 3-4 defense in Washington, and how the personnel moves they've made will help it run more smoothly in Year 2.

I am planning to ask Haslett about that as well, and to ask many other Redskins people about many other Redskins issues over the next three days as I spend time at Redskins training camp. It's the first stop on my NFC East camp tour and it begins ... well, right now. I promise to keep you posted on the goings-on here in Ashburn as well as what our other three teams are up to throughout this lovely day, which I sincerely hope you enjoy.