Cowboys re-sign safety Sensabaugh

See? I told you panicky Dallas Cowboys fans to stop being so panicky. You were all like, "The Cowboys will never sign the safeties they need," and I was all like, "Yeah, they will. Be patient. They won't play with nine on defense," and you were all like, "No! It's all over! They're going to play with just nine and the Eagles are going to score a million points!"

Well, they're up to 10, at least. Gerald Sensabaugh tweeted just before I went out running that he was coming back to Dallas, and Clarence Hill says it's a one-year, $2.5 million deal, which surely leaves room to sign the other starting safety the Cowboys need. Abram Elam is the name most commonly connected to the Cowboys in safety speculation right now, and a deal with him could be around the corner.

Sensabaugh ... well, you know all about him. Jean-Jacques Taylor isn't overly impressed, but he is what he is. A solid starter at a position where the Cowboys needed two. If the other one they sign is a notch or two better, you'll all be a lot happier about your defense than you were this afternoon.

Remember, the Cowboys already have a lot of very good players. They don't need to be out signing superstars. They need to fill holes, and then get the defensive players in front of Rob Ryan and get them coached up so they don't give up the second-most points in the league again. The offense will score, and if the defense can stop anybody, the Cowboys are a contender again quickly. Sensabaugh is a fine signing for what they need.