Week 1 power rankings: What are voters thinking?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Thanks to the master of the spreadsheet, NFC West blogger Mike Sando, we have the ballots of all four voters in the Week 1 power rankings. I want to make sure you guys know who to complain to when these guys continue to show disrespect to the upstart Redskins. It looks like all four voters are bullish on the Packers at this point. The voters are John Clayton, Jeff Chadiha, Mike Sando and Paul Kuharsky. I will be providing you with helpful e-mail addresses to reach out to these brave men at some point this evening. And I'll be second-guessing the power rankings along with you. Chadiha was the only voter who didn't make a single change from the power rankings heading into training camp. Everyone on the panel loved what the Packers did in the preseason and helped move them from No. 17 to No. 11 in the power rankings.

It should come as no surprise that the NFC East was the highest ranked division in the league with an average of 11.1. Clayton dropped the Cowboys five spots since the end of July. I didn't realize the Cowboys had such a poor training camp and preseason. He moved the Redskins up four spots. Kuharsky was also unimpressed with the Cowboys after making the pilgrimage to see JerryVision. He dropped them three spots since the July rankings.

As we've already mentioned, Chadiha didn't make a single change. This makes it much tougher to criticize him. I'm hoping that Jeff actually makes a change or two heading into the Week 2 rankings. Mike Sando is the primary reason the Eagles aren't a little higher than fourth. OK, we'll be back with much more later.