Bucs' WR Bryant praises Tuna

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

It's been several years since I've spoken to former Cowboys second-round draft choice Antonio Bryant, so I made the drive out to Valley Ranch on Wednesday to visit with him via conference call. I was covering the team that fateful summer of 2004, when Bryant became upset with Bill Parcells and tossed a sweaty jersey onto the coach's head. Parcells didn't immediately release the wide receiver, but he eventually traded him to the Cleveland Browns for Quincy Morgan.

"I know that at the end of the day he probably felt like, 'I saved that guy's career,'" Bryant said Wednesday. "I can give him some credit. I've always had a hard head. Hard heads have to bump into walls sometimes. It's just a matter of, are you going to go knock into the wall again?"

Here's what Parcells had to say about the jersey incident five years ago: "This is not my first bout."

On Wednesday, Bryant sounded excited about the prospect of playing with Byron Leftwich. He said he hasn't played with a quarterback who can throw it that far downfield since Vinny Testaverde was in Dallas.