Should Terence Newman be worried?

Clarence Hill makes a good point about this Andre Gurode situation in Dallas, namely that it backs up Jason Garrett's pre-camp assertion that everyone was fighting for a job and that he didn't consider that he had any set "starters." Gurode was hurt, Phil Costa played well and now it appears that Costa is the center and Gurode is (likely) out in spite of Gurode having the better and longer résumé.

It's a good message for Garrett to be sending as he overhauls the culture around his roster. Neither Roy Williams' contract, Marion Barber's accomplishments nor Leonard Davis' service time kept any of those guys safe, and now the point is made again with Gurode. What Bradie James said last week about entitlement applies on a micro level to these roster spots, and it's clear Garrett's not just talking.

To that end, Clarence wonders if Terence Newman should be worried about his spot on the team, or at least in the starting lineup. Newman's been out all of training camp and the preseason with an injury, as has fellow starting corner Mike Jenkins, and Orlando Scandrick has not just played well in their absence -- he also signed a five-year contract extension. So Clarence wonders:

Scandrick has drawn raves the coaches since the start of camp, even before Newman went down with a groin injury sidelining him for the preseason. [Newman] is expected to return for the season opener. Will he return as a starter or a reserve with Scandrick getting the Costa like promotion?

A good question, considering the way things work around the Cowboys these days. Surely, if I were Newman or Jenkins, I'd be motivated to get back quickly and play very well once I did. And as for next year, all bets are off. Scandrick surely projects as a 2012 starter over one of those guys.