Little help? Final preseason games collide

So if you've been following along all month, you know that I've been writing rather long review posts of each preseason game involving NFC East teams. I mean, these have been long -- like, 1,000-word posts on what I observed in the games, even though I try my very, very best to make it clear I believe these games to have little or no predictive value whatsoever in terms of the regular season. I do it because I know you guys care, and because I want you to know how much I care about you. It's all about you guys, really. Wait. Hold on. I'm getting emotional...

Okay, sorry. Anyway, the point of this post is to ask you what you'd like me to do about tonight. Each of our four teams is playing its final preseason game tonight. Each of the four games begins at 7:30 pm ET. They are as follows:

Cowboys at Dolphins

Giants at Patriots

Eagles at Jets

Buccaneers at Redskins

Now, I can watch the Giants or the Eagles, because they'll both be on TV where I live (since the Eagles are playing the Jets). And I could watch the other two on the computer if need be. But I can't watch all four at once, so I have to figure out which one to watch live and which to watch late tonight and/or throughout the day tomorrow. I will post thoughts on each of the four teams, as I have been, though they might not be as extensive since the fourth preseason game is generally the most useless even amid the uselessness that is NFL preseason games in general. But I'd like to know, from you, what you consider to be the most pressing issues in these four games.

If I can be convinced that the Redskins' game is the most compelling for whatever reason, I'm happy to watch that one as it happens, tweet about it all night and post something the minute it ends. Same for the Cowboys, Eagles or Giants if I decide by 7:30 -- with your help -- that one of those games has something going on in it that requires more immediate attention. I have my own ideas about this, but I don't want to taint the discussion, so I will comb the comments under this post and figure out what matters most to you guys before making my decision.

Have at it. And please, play nice!