Verdict is in: I'll watch Redskins live

Earlier today, before the predictions came out and people got mad at me, I asked you good folks for your help in determining how I should approach the final games of the preseason, since all four of the NFC East games are happening at the same time and not even I, with all of my skills, can watch four games at once.

I thank you for your responses, which were interesting. Somebody suggested, for example, that if everybody's playing only their backups, the Eagles would be the most entertaining team to watch, because their backups include such starting-caliber players as Vince Young and Ronnie Brown. A Giants fan suggested the Giants-Patriots game, since that was such a great Super Bowl matchup (and brings back nice memories for Giants fans).

In the end, though, the overwhelming winner is the Redskins' game, since they're the only team whose starting quarterback job remains up for grabs and it could be determined, at least in part, but what happens in the game tonight. So, since the Redskins' game is likely to be the most relevant of the four, I'll watch John Beck and Rex Grossman duke it out live and post on that game as soon as it ends. Then I'll watch the other three throughout the day tomorrow and post my thoughts on those as I finish with them.

And if you have a problem with that... well, I'm sure I'll hear from you!