Update on Seubert

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Giants left guard Rich Seubert limped off the field before a field goal attempt. No update on Seubert yet, but his absence limited the team's fake field goal options.

During my visit to Giants training camp, I watched holder Jeff Feagles roll out and throw a touchdown to Seubert, who then spiked the ball.

This just in: The Redskins have one first down -- and it was on a personal foul. This is the most horrifying start to the season Zorn could've imagined. The offense is completely out of sync, and the offensive line is getting manhandled by the Giants. I'm watching defensive tackle Fred Robbins destroy the right side of the Redskins' line.

I know we're not supposed to put any stock in exhibition football, but I think that 47-3 loss against the Panthers in the fourth preseason has stayed with the Redskins.

If they could somehow get to halftime down 13-0, it would be a moral victory. Update on Seubert's health: He's back in the game.