Breakfast links: Giants nearing full strength

How about some links to get you over that Wednesday hump? Yeah? Sound good. All right then.

New York Giants

How will the Giants rotate their pass-rushers once Justin Tuck returns from his injury and they can play him along with Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul? They have a plan, and it includes cutting the workload of Pierre-Paul, the second-year star who, according to defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, wears down a bit toward the end of games.

Ian Begley has the lowdown on the bye-week vacation plans of several Giants players, including Jim Cordle's trip home to Circlesville, Ohio, for the legendary Circlesville Pumpkin Show. I was all set to say my pick would be to go to Miami with Rolle and Phillips, but the idea of a pumkpin show that's achieved "legendary" status has me intrigued.

Washington Redskins

Should Redskins fans trust that Mike Shanahan knows what he's doing? Deron Snyder says you have no choice. Shanahan's in the second year of a five-year deal and is working and planning accordingly. If this has to be a slow build, then that's what it will be. And if they don't have a quarterback on their roster good enough to get them where they need to go, you can bet they'll do what they can to find one next spring.

Meanwhile, as of this morning, more than 6,000 votes had been cast in this Washington Post poll, and 86 percent of the respondents want John Beck to start at quarterback over Rex Grossman. Guess Grossman didn't fare very well in the most recent televised debate.

Dallas Cowboys

In retrospect, Jerry Jones wishes he'd said "no comment" when asked Sunday about Jason Garrett's play calling in the fourth quarter of the loss at New England. I've always felt it weird that Jones is such a regular presence in the Cowboys' locker room immediately after games, and as great as that is for those of us who cover the games, I've wondered if it would be better for Garrett and the players if he were a little less visible and vocal in the raw, emotional moments after games. I do not expect it to change, though.

As they continue to tinker (out of necessity) with the offensive line, the Cowboys have released kick returner Dwayne Harris. Earlier on Tuesday, they put rookie guard Bill Nagy on injured reserve. The replacements are guards Montrae Holland (yeah, he's back) and Daniel Loper, who the Cowboys hope can help plug holes in the struggling middle of their offensive line. Kevin Ogletree could get a look on kick returns with Harris gone.

Philadelphia Eagles

Les Bowen writes that the Eagles did a much better job Sunday of protecting Michael Vick, but that the last piece of that puzzle is Vick learning to be more careful and making sure to protect himself. Like the Jerry Jones thing, this is something I don't expect to change.

For all of the issues the Eagles have had this year, especially on the offensive line, it's worth asking where they'd be without the versatility and overall excellence of Todd Herremans, who's played three different positions on the line since the start of training camp and been a rock.

All right. That's it for now. Off to compile this week's All-Division Team. I know you don't want to wait any longer for that than you have to.