NFL Power Rankings: Giants, Eagles up

Oh yes. It's Power Rankings day here at ESPN.com. And I know that gets you all tingly. Lots of movement among the teams in our fair division, so here's a look at how they all fared this week:

9. New York Giants (Last week: 11). Should a squeaker comeback victory over the winless Dolphins move a team up two spots? Probably not. Do I think the Giants will turn out to be a better team in 2011 than the Texans, Falcons, Jets, Eagles and a few of the other teams behind them in the rankings? Probably not. Does a team ranked 30th on offense in rushing and 28th on defense against the run belong in the top 10? You can answer that for yourself. I've been clear about my feelings on the Giants as one of the top-10 teams in the league. They're the same as my feelings on Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. But as of now, only four teams have better records, so there's really not a lot for a doubter like myself to say about it, is there?

16. Philadelphia Eagles (22). The Eagles are the biggest climber of the week, moving up six spots after their extremely impressive victory over the Cowboys on Sunday night. Personally, if I were Oakland, Kansas City or Tampa Bay -- i.e., a team with a winning record that's ranked behind the Eagles this week, I'd be a little bit annoyed about having a 3-4 team jump over me. But it was an awfully good-looking win that made everyone remember how good the Eagles were supposed to be all along, and I think it's fair to vote accordingly.

21. Dallas Cowboys (18). On the other end of that beat-down in Philly were the Cowboys, who played by far their worst game of the year on offense and defense and fell to 3-4 themselves. There's a lot of consistency of opinion on the Cowboys -- James Walker has them 19th, Paul Kuharsky 22nd and Ashley Fox, Mike Sando and John Clayton 21st. At this point, the Cowboys need to show people a reason to rank them higher than they are. And while the rest of the schedule offers them several chances to do that, they surely did not do it Sunday night.

22. Washington Redskins (20). Just three weeks ago, the Redskins were ranked 10th in this poll. But it's been three pretty rotten weeks for a Washington team that has fallen apart after its 3-1 start. I think they're ranked about right for now, as I think the Minnesotas and Clevelands of the world are worse (though that Carolina team down there at No. 25 did beat them pretty handily). But the way they're playing right now, there's little reason to think this fall has reached bottom.