Kiper: Skins' QB situation is league's worst

Mel Kiper Jr. lives, eats, breathes and sleeps the NFL Draft, as you all know. And so if fans are already starting to think about next April, you know Mel has been for some time. He's got an Insider piece up on the five worst quarterback situations in the NFL, with an eye toward whether those teams can improve those situations in next year's draft. And No. 1 on the list is the Washington Redskins.

Yep, that's right. At least one neutral observer thinks the Redskins' quarterback situation is the worst in the entire league.

Mel asked three questions about each team when compiling his list: 1. How bad is the current situation? 2. Is there a sense of a plan in place? and 3. Can the draft help? The problem he has with the Redskins seems to be focused on the first question and the creeping possibility that the answer to the third is "no." Here's what he had to say on the Skins:

Not only do the Redskins not have a long-term solution at the position in either Rex Grossman or John Beck, they've won enough to be well out of the Andrew Luck race. Washington could be better served trying to deal for a quarterback, or getting into position for a guy like Matt Barkley or Landry Jones. But there's a problem: If you think the Skins have a roster that's ready to compete for a playoff position in 2012 -- and I certainly think they could -- do you really want a rookie in there? I wonder if the Redskins are a team that looks at a trade for a current starter, or targets a guy that might be ready to take over, such as Matt Flynn or Brian Hoyer. Either way, this is a team that is in desperate need of a solution.

A very interesting perspective. The Redskins' defense already ranks among the league's best in several categories and should be even better next year. And on offense, quarterback isn't the only position you can expect Mike Shanahan to address. It may well be that Shanahan has his eye on one of those potentially available veterans whose learning curve wouldn't be as steep as that of a rookie. Personally, I think Shanahan will be focused on trying to find someone he thinks can be a "franchise" quarterback, and that the draft is the most likely place for him to find that. But I do not think Shanahan will try and force that -- i.e., draft a quarterback he thinks is almost good enough to be a franchise guy just because he has a hole at that position. He could have done that this past year if that were what he wanted to do. He passed on every quarterback he had a chance to draft. If the Redskins don't think their long-term solution is in the draft, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them go out and hunt for someone who's already in the league and can fit their system. And as Mel suggests, it may be a name you hadn't even considered.