Why DeSean Jackson hasn't been paid

When Ashley Fox writes about the Philadelphia Eagles, I make sure to read it. Ashley's been around the team for years and has good insight into the way it operates and how the Eagles make their decisions. So it's worth your time to read her latest column, which takes a look at the DeSean Jackson contract issue from all sides and reaches the following conclusion:

An organization that has a history of re-signing its talented young players before their rookie contracts expire has not locked up Jackson, which tells me this: Either his asking price is too high, or the Eagles aren't willing to pay for good Jackson when bad Jackson is inextricably part of the deal.

Ashley's column details what she means by "good Jackson" and "bad Jackson." The former is the passionate young man who's said all of the right things about his contract situation, has devoted off-field time to fighting bullying and pancreatic cancer and is capable of changing a game with one catch of a long pass or an opponent's punt. The latter is the guy who cost the Eagles half a football field last week with a foolish taunting penalty and missed the previous week's game because he got benched for missing a team meeting. The Eagles would love to keep the former around for a long time and tell the latter to go pound sand. But there's no separating the two, and as long as the former is asking for No. 1 wide receiver money and long-term contract security, the latter is going to prevent him from getting it from his current employer.