How you feeling? Giants-Saints

As you get ready for the "Monday Night Football" game against the New Orleans Saints on ESPN, here's one reason for New York Giants fans to feel good and one reason for concern:

Feeling good: The Giants' defense relies on disruption, and the Saints are not immune to being disrupted. If the Giants' edge pass rushers can get to Drew Brees, they could rattle a Saints team that has been a bit more prone to turnovers than those of recent vintage. The Giants will need to play a clean game and avoid turnovers, which they are capable of doing, and then take advantage of whatever turnovers they can force with their aggressive up-front defense.

Cause for concern: The Saints have two very dangerous mid-range passing game targets in gigantic tight end Jimmy Graham and elusive running back Darren Sproles. Brees can find them quickly, which could be his best defense against the pass rush, and they can make some plays against the weak spots in the second level of the Giants' defense. It's hard to imagine how the Giants will cover Graham effectively, and while they've been better lately against between-the-tackles running backs, they've struggled a fair bit with opposing screen games, which is where Sproles can get them.