NFC 411 Video: DeMarcus Ware's impact

By now you know we have this thing we do every week called the 411 video. It's where I and my fellow ESPN.com NFL division bloggers, through the magic of Skype, go around the league and let you know what's on our minds about the goings-on in our divisions. This week's NFC edition is up now, and if you click on that video up there you can watch and listen to Kevin Seifert on the way the Vikings played the final minutes of their game Sunday, Mike Sando on the improvement Kevin Kolb showed last week, Pat Yasinskas on the need for the Falcons' run game to have a big day and yours truly on what DeMarcus Ware's teammates think is so special about him.

Enjoy it. A couple of weeks back when I ran this, somebody in the comments said, "They look like a bunch of nerds sitting around their houses talking football." To which I reply: "And?"