How you feeling? Redskins-Vikings

As you get ready for this afternoon's home game against the Minnesota Vikings, here's one reason for Washington Redskins fans to feel good and one reason for concern.

Feeling good: If there's one team in the league that seems uniquely unable to take advantage of Rex Grossman's biggest flaw, it is the Vikings, who have gone nine straight games without intercepting a pass. Grossman has a streak of 10 games in a row with at least one interception, so something's got to give there. Minnesota can rush the quarterback fine, but its weaknesses in the secondary are stunning. So if the Redskins' offensive line can keep Jared Allen and the Minnesota pass rush off of Grossman, he could have a big passing day.

Cause for concern: Adrian Peterson. The best thing the Vikings have going for them on either side of the ball is the best running back in the league. He's been limited by injuries in the second half of this season, and he looked rusty last week, but as long as he's healthy he's a problem for any team that struggles -- as the Redskins have for much of this season -- to stop the run. If Peterson allows the Vikings to control the game on offense, that could be the best way for the Vikings to keep the Redskins' offense off the field where they can't hurt them.