Brandon Jacobs is not one to talk

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know what I think about New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. This is a guy who likes to yap and yap and yap when things are going well and hides when things aren't. A classic bully who compensates for his own shortcomings by attacking others only when he's 100 percent sure he has nothing to lose by doing so.

That Brandon Jacobs showed up again Saturday.

Jacobs got into a confrontation with Jets coach Rex Ryan as the Giants completed their victory over the Jets. Jacobs described the confrontation as he'd seen it, saying "the coach approached him, used an expletive and said, 'Wait till we win the Super Bowl.'

Added Jacobs: "And I told him I'll punch him in the face. I told him out of all these Giants players on this team you're talking to the wrong one. And that was that."

Ryan acknowledged that he and Jacobs "had a private conversation. He doesn't like me; I respect him."

I'll give Jacobs this: He's the wrong Giants player for an opposing coach to get into a shouting match with. Because it's just not worth it. Jacobs is the worst kind of modern athlete -- one who can't shut up when things are going well and is nowhere to be found when they're not. He and the rest of the Giants were doing plenty of well-deserved crowing when Saturday's game ended. The Jets came after them with the trash talk and the Giants won the game. But Jacobs has been in the middle of too many off-field controversies and too few big plays over the past couple of years for him to be worth the time of someone like Ryan.

Don't get me wrong here: An opposing coach has no business confronting an opposing player on the field. Ryan should have played the part of the grown-up instead of getting down in the mud and messing with a player who is clearly not. But for Jacobs, coming into the press conference and acting the tough guy was classic bully behavior. I've been around the Giants when they've lost and Jacobs has been a big part of the reason why. And on those days, he has almost nothing to say for himself -- or to anyone affiliated with the other team.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle -- never one to shy away from the microphones -- was told after the game that Ryan had admitted he was wrong when he'd said earlier in the week that the Jets were the better team.

"The thing about Rex is, he's a man," Rolle said.

He's a man who shouldn't have bothered with Brandon Jacobs, who's only a man when he's looked both ways and made sure it's safe to cross the big-mouth street.