Some Saturday tidbits

In case you haven't caught it on "SportsCenter," this is Rachel Nichols' feature on the father of New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who lost his sight when Jason was 8 months old and has therefore never seen him play. Jean-Gabriel Pierre-Paul listens to the games on the radio and tries to explain to Jason's mother, who's watching the game, why the opposing team uses more than one player to try to stop her son.

Rick Reilly has an appreciation of Eli Manning, who's providing vindication for little brothers the world over. Rick's piece has plenty of fun details about the torture to which Peyton and Cooper Manning used to subject Eli, and he wonders if there's a chance Eli could overtake big brother as the best quarterback Manning before it's all said and done.

And Ashley Fox writes that the most important statistic of the weekend is turnover margin, because teams just don't win playoff games without winning the turnover battle. The Giants won it 3-1 last week over a Green Bay Packers team that finished the regular season plus-24 in turnover margin, and now they get a San Francisco 49ers team that finished plus-28 and then went plus-four against the Saints last week. The Giants lost by a touchdown in San Francisco in Week 10, and Manning threw two interceptions. We've analyzed this game all week, but I still think this could end up being the most important aspect of it.

It's a gorgeous morning in San Francisco, and while I understand it's snowing back in New Jersey, it looks as though the Giants are on their way. We'll keep you posted from here.