Senior Bowl an opportunity for Redskins

Mike Shanahan and his Washington Redskins coaches are serving as the coaching staff for the South team at the Senior Bowl this week in Mobile, Ala. Coaches who have coached the Senior Bowl in the past say it's a great opportunity to get to know players in a way that the usual pre-draft process doesn't allow. Sure, you can interview these guys and do background checks and give them Wonderlic tests and all of that. But a chance to actually spend a week putting them through drills, learning how they respond to coaching? Priceless, and one more possible aid for Shanahan and the Redskins as they prepare for April's draft.

The two quarterbacks on Shanahan's South team are Arizona's Nick Foles and Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, neither of which is projected to be picked as high as No. 6 overall, where the Redskins are picking. But as we've discussed many times here, if the Redskins can't find their franchise quarterback in the first round, they could address another need, such as wide receiver or defensive back, at No. 6 and see if they can't turn up their new quarterback in one of the later rounds. After this week, they'll have a pretty good read on Foles and Weeden and whether either is worth pursuing as a possible solution to the Redskins' biggest problem.

Here's a copy of the roster of the South team that Shanahan and the Redskins' staff will be coaching, and in case you're curious, here's a copy of the North team's roster, which includes Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins. The Minnesota Vikings' coaches are coaching the North team.