Who are the all-time toughest Cowboys?

If you're not familiar by now with this week's "Any Era team" series here on ESPN.com ... why not? Go back and take a look at it. Some fun stuff in there, and there aren't any games this weekend so what else are you going to do?

Anyway, the only NFC East player on that top-20 list was the Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware, who was ranked by our panel of Hall of Famers as the No. 12 current player who could have played in any prior era. The main qualification for this list was an ephemeral thing called "toughness," and so as a spin-off from the project, ESPNDallas.com ranked the top 10 all-time toughest Cowboys players.

Ware didn't make that list, which is headed by Randy White and Roger Staubach. The nice thing, though, is that if you disagree with the list, you can vote on your own top 10 all-time toughest Cowboys right here. Actually, you can vote for 15. So if you're a Cowboys fan nostalgic for the good old days as the Giants and Patriots get ready to play in the Super Bowl, here's something for you to do instead of work on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy.