Breakfast links: Super Bowl Thursday

INDIANAPOLIS -- I saw Jerry Izenberg here Wednesday. He's the Newark Star-Ledger columnist who's one of three guys who's covered all 46 Super Bowls. I've covered four, but earlier in my career I had the honor to work at the same paper as Jerry, which is a point of pride. Jerry was also in Zaire and Manila with Ali. I love running into Jerry. It's one of my favorite things about the Super Bowl.

Anyway, I don't know how many steps Jerry took Wednesday, but my pedometer tells me I took 15,485, which brings my total since my Sunday arrival to 56,865. I know you're hanging on each and every one. Anyway links.

New York Giants

I'm going to link to Ian O'Connor every day I'm here, and it's not because Ian is ESPNNewYork.com but rather because Ian is great and writing great stuff. Today, he writes on Perry Fewell's frustration over not being the hot head-coaching candidate he was a year ago.

Jason Pierre-Paul says that Tom Brady is a great quarterback but that "it's not like he's God." Left unanswered was whether Pierre-Paul thinks he could sack the Almighty or whether he'd backflip out of the way due to awe. I guess it would depend on the quality of the offensive line.

Philadelphia Eagles

There was lots we didn't get to about Andy Reid's Tuesday news conference, but Rich Hofmann thinks one of the biggest issues was what he said about the 1-4 start in which quarterback Michael Vick turned the ball over at critical times. As much as anything, Vick's sloppiness with the ball was a reason for the Eagles' disappointing start and season, and he needs to do better.

Geoff Mosher writes that the next most important item on the Eagles' offseason agenda is DeSean Jackson. I still think he's a goner, but there remains a chance they franchise him while they continue to work out a deal. The franchise number isn't a bad one if they can be sure he's happy with the progress on a new contract, and it's not as if they have someone else on which they desperately need to use it.

Dallas Cowboys

The Oakland Raiders wanted to hire Cowboys special-teams coach Joe DeCamillis as an assistant head coach, but the Cowboys wouldn't allow it, which is their right. Todd Archer writes that the best way for DeCamillis to re-establish himself as a head-coaching candidate is to be part of a winning Cowboys team in 2012.

The Cowboys may have been able to use veteran guard Brian Waters this year, and he's from the area and likely would have liked to play for them. But Waters doesn't give a big rat's patootie. He's in the Super Bowl.

Washington Redskins

Dan Daly thinks that, if things play out the right way, Peyton Manning could end up being a Washington Redskin next year. I really like Dan. He's a smart guy and a good columnist. He takes intelligent stands on issues like this. And no, I'm not just saying that because I made this point like three weeks ago. I'm really not. Oh, and stop with your comments about how he'd never play in the same division as his brother. Guy's about to be unemployed, and his brother's about to win his second Super Bowl. Sentiments and feelings change. Time passes. Etc.

Lorenzo Alexander is one of my favorite Redskins. He's happy. He's content. He's a veteran who helps his younger teammates learn the game. He holds fan appreciation events in the offseason. Good dude.